YCT 4 Practice Test

The YCT 4 practice test, contains 7 Listening question, 8 Reading questions, and 3 Writing questions representing sample questions from past official YCT 4 tests administrated by Hanban. A longer, full mock exam is available at the bottom of the page as a pdf and attached mp3 file.

Listening Section

For the first three questions, look at the picture then mark true or false depending if the pictured object matches what you heard. For the last four questions, listen to the audio then choose the picture that best matches what you heard.

Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:


Question 4:

A: 读书

B: 上网

C: 看报纸

Question 5:

A: 7:40

B: 8:00

C: 8:20

Question 6:

A: 坐飞机

B: 坐汽车

C: 坐火车

Question 7:

A: 护士

B: 服务员

C: 售票员

Listening Answers

Congratulations! Here are the answers:

Question 1: TRUE

Question 2: FALSE

Question 3: TRUE

Question 4: C

Question 5: A

Question 6: A

Question 7: B

Reading Section

For the first four questions, choose the sentence which best matches the picture provided. For the last four questions, choose the sentence which best matches the sentence or question provided.

Question 8:

A: 它 怎么把我的饭都吃了?

B: 你今天 买面包 花了多少钱?

C: 今天 玩儿累了,我该回家了.

Question 9:

A: 这些水果特别甜.

B: 请尝尝我自己做的饼干.

C: 这个盒子里 面 有两种糖.

Question 10:

A: 我把教室打扫干净了.

B: 以后你要更认真一些.

C: 哈哈,你 在这儿,找到你了.

Question 11:

A: 祝你生日快乐!

B: 我以为你和 老 朋友聊天儿呢.

C: 黄色的和蓝色的,你选哪一个?

Question 12:

你好, 西红柿多少钱一斤?

A: 对不起,我不认识她.

B: 带上伞吧, 另外, 出去 的时候 别忘了把窗户关 了.

C: 奶奶, 附近有个超市, 就在桥 西 边, 买菜很方便.

Question 13:

中午吃了面条 儿 ,还吃了几个 羊肉 饺子,肚子都圆了.

A: 哥哥说他很饱 一杯牛奶就够了.

B: 不贵,一共 100 元.

C: 你和同学们去校园里打排球吧.

Question 14:

我 6 岁的时候,爷爷就开始教我了.

A: 学校是不是打算暑假带学生去参观长城? 我担心 安全

B: 你的钢琴弹得真不错,什么时候开始学的?

C: 谢谢 王老师 您 别客气 我 刚喝了茶, 不渴 .

Question 15:


A: 谢谢 王老师 您 别客气 我 刚喝了茶, 不渴.

B: 现在买 多 便宜 啊 只 要 1080 元.

C: 她看起来不但健康,而且年轻.

Reading Answers

Congratulations! Here are the answers:

Question 8: A

Question 9: B

Question 10: C

Question 11: A

Question 12: C

Question 13: A

Question 14: B

Question 15: C

Writing Section

For each writing question, read the sentence and insert the missing word ( ) to complete the sentence. You must be able to write the proper Chinese character.

Question 16:

初中的知识 他已经 ( ) 会了.

Question 17:

洗 手 间 ( ) 二楼, 您慢点儿.

Question 18:

你知道蝴蝶喜欢什么颜色的玫瑰 ( ) 吗?

Writing Answers

Question 16: 学

Question 17: 在

Question 18: 花

Passing Score

Did you pass? Hanban requires 60% or more of the questions right, so if you got 10 questions or more right, then you passed.

Full Mock Test:


YCT 4 Audio

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