Where to take the HSK in New York

Looking to take the HSK in New York? You’re in luck! There’s 4 different testing locations at official Confucius Institutes in New York: Alfred University, Stony Brook College, Columbia University, and New York State University at Buffalo.

Alfred University
Address10 Park Street,
Alfred, NY 14802
Website https://confucius.alfred.edu/
Stony Brook University
Address104 Charles B. Wang Center,
Stony Brook, New York 11794
Phone (631)  632-5477
Email confuciusinstitute@stonybrook.edu
Website https://www.stonybrook.edu/confucius/
Columbia University
Address626 Kent Hall,
New York, NY 10027.
Phone212-854 7036
Website http://www.ciatcolumbia.org/
University of New York in Buffalo
Address520 Lee Entrance, Suite 113.
Buffalo, NY 14228
Phone (716) 645-9090
Website https://confuciusinstitute.buffalo.edu/

How do I take the HSK?

First, check the official HSK schedule or the official YCT schedule for test dates and registration deadlines. In general, the HSK is held once a month and you’ll need to register about a month in advance. Make sure to double check with the Confucius Institute before committing to a date. Individual test dates can get canceled if there’s construction going on or a conflict with university activities.

Next, you should go to the Hanban website and officially sign up. This is weird thing where the Confucius Institute HQ is actually in Beijing China which runs your local Confucius Institute in cooperation with a NY college. That mean you need to make an account, choose a date and location, and officially sign up for the test all on the Hanban website but once you’re all signed up there, you should be ready. Be warned, there will also be a fee for taking test; this varies by test center but usually around $50 USD.

Remember to sign up at least a month before you plan to take the test. I would also call the location and double check both that they’re actually holding the test and how to get there. If you want a more in-depth guide, Culture Yard wrote a great step-by-step guide about signing up for the HSK.

Preparing for the HSK?

We’ve got a ton of great material on preparing for the HSK, including practice tests and reading exercises.

We’ve also got excellent materials for the YCT, including practice tests, writing tests, and listening tests.

Good Luck!

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