Where to take the HSK in California

There’s three locations to take the HSK in California, from South to North: UC Los Angeles, Stanford, and UC Davis. Each one has their own active Confucius Institute where you can take the HSK, YCT, or BCT.

UC Los Angeles
Address1100 Glendon Avenue, PH 8,
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone(310) 825-8839
AddressKnight Building, 521 Memorial Way,
Stanford, CA 94305-2000
Phone(650) 725-2742
UC Davis
Address3011 Wickson Hall, 1 Shields Avenue,
Davis, CA 95616
Phone(530) 754-1234

Wait, didn’t there used to be more?

Yes, the used to be Confucius Institutes at CSU Long Beach, San Francisco State, and San Diego Global Knowledge University. They’ve all closed down over the past few years. There have been Confucius Institutes closing down all over the US over the past few years due to some political controversy involving local activists and free speech. I wouldn’t worry about it for taking a test.

Test Dates

In case you also want to know when you could take the tests, you can check the official HSK schedule or the official YCT schedule for specific test dates. It’s worth double checking with the specific Confucius Institute first though. Test dates have been canceled in the past over construction, scheduling conflicts, or lack of demand.

Signing up for the test

In general, you’ll need to go to the Hanban website, register there about a month in advance, and then set aside two hours to take the test on the test date. There’s a more extensive writeup here.

Study Resources

We’ve got a ton of great material on preparing for the HSK, including practice tests and reading exercises.

We’ve also got excellent materials for the YCT, including practice tests, writing tests, and listening tests.

Good Luck!

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