Where to take the HSK in Bangladesh

Looking for locations to take the HSK, YCT, or other Chinese proficiency tests in Bangladesh. Well, you’re in luck, because there’s three different locations in Bangladesh where you can take these tests: Dhaka University, North South University, and CRI-SMF.

Dhaka University
AddressUniversity Street, Nilkhet Rd, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
AboutDhaka University is the most reputed educational institute in all Bangladesh. The Confucius Institute of Dhaka University also retains that reputation of being one of the most effective Chinese learning schools in Bangladesh. The courses here are 4 to 8 months long and conducted very effectively by faculties of Dhaka University.
The course comes in 11 forms. They offer Basic Chinese Preparation Course I for those who have zero knowledge about Chinese. This Basic Chinese Preparation goes up to level lll-B. Besides they offer HSK training from level 1 to above level
Then they have courses on Chinese culture. business Chinese, Chinese listening and speaking, and other relevant courses.
For evaluation of your learning, they conduct HSK tests on different levels.
North South University
AddressRoom: 1017, North Academic Building
North South University, Plot -15, Block – B, Bashundhara. Dhaka – 1229, Bangladesh
AboutThe Confucius Institute at North South University is a Chinese language teaching school operating under the authority of North South University. It is well regulated under the standards of Chinese learning. The faculties are well trained. The goal of this institute is to promote the Chinese language in Bangladesh and create a window between the two nations for better education and job opportunities for the students of Bangladesh in China.
Here you will find seven Chinese learning courses. Starting with the most basic one for those who have zero to no knowledge about Chinese. They have four-level of Basic Chinese learning courses, Chinese spoken courses, Chinese cultural courses, and Chinese one-to-one courses.
Moreover, they have an HSK and YCT test center.
AddressHouse 82, Road15, Sector 11,Uttara
Phone+880 2-55085201
AboutCRI-SMFConfucius Classroom is a Chinese language school in Bangladesh. It is located in sector 11 of Uttara in Dhaka. It offers Chinese language courses on different levels of communications.
Here you can learn Chinese on different levels. They offer their courses at the lowest possible cost.
CRI-SMFConfucius Classroom offers Chinese courses on different levels. They offer certified courses on communicative Chinese learning for basic interaction in Chinese, commercial level for a little broader communication in Chinese. Also, they offer children and touristic Chinese.
The teachers there are native Bengalis. Meaning that they will be able to understand your struggle (the struggle of Bengalis). Moreover, Chinese internationals can get lessons in Bangla and English here.
They offer training courses for HSK. CRI-SMFConfucius Classroom has an HSK exam center. Top students here can get scholarships from the Chinese government and discounts in selected Chinese universities. These top students are also offered attractive jobs in China.

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