TOCFL Band A Practice Test

This is a practice/mock test of the TOCFL Band A. It also works if you’re looking for a Level 1 or Level 2 test. Both the Level 1 and Level 2 tests use the Band A test; passing the Band A test at Level 1 simply requires fewer correct answers than taking the test at Level 2. This practice test has 20 questions: 10 listening questions and 10 reading questions.


TOCFL Band A Listening

For each question, you’ll hear a sentence spoken in Chinese with three possible answers and a picture. To correctly answer the question, choose the answer that best matches the sentence and picture.

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TOCFL Band A Reading

For each question, you’ll be given a sentence in Mandarin and shown three pictures. To answer the question correctly, choose the picture which most closely matches the written sentence.

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我平常都六點起床, 可是今天晚了半小時.

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過了前面的路口, 再往前走一會兒就到醫院了.

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小心! 你杯子裡的水快要滿了!

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志明什麼球都玩, 但是最喜歡玩足球.

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