HSKK Advanced Practice Test

If you’re looking for the HSKK Advanced Practice test, you’re in luck. The advanced test is very short, at least in terms of questions, and we’ve got six questions from the official HSKK Advanced mock test. As you’re probably already aware, in the real test your answers are recorded and then scored, which we can’t do, but this should at least give you feel for the type of questions you’ll face and their difficulty.

Section I

For these first three questions, you’ll listen to a short story, then retell it in your own words within 2.5 minutes.

Question I:

Question II:

Question III:

Section II

For this question, read the paragraph below aloud within 2 minutes.

Question 4:

想在竞争中立于不败之地,必须有真才实学,而不是靠投机取巧. 做演员的“台
我们都渴望成功,可是,成功其实是没有什么特别方法的. 千里之行,始于
足下. 要想成功,就需要平时一点一滴的积累;要想成功,就需要不断地努力.

Section III

For each of the final two questions, you’ll read a short question, then have 1 minute to plan your answer, then 2.5 minutes to give your answer.

Question 5:


Question 6:



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