HSK Test Sites in Vancouver

If you live in Vancouver and you want to take the HSK test, it’s going to be complicated. HSK test must be taken at an official Confucius Institute and there are none in Vancouver or even in British Columbia in general. Your two best options are to drive to Edmonton, Alberta or to cross the border into the US and go to Portland.

Confucius Institute of Edmonton
Address13750 Woodcroft Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3M4
Phone(780) 970-5233
AboutUnlike a lot of Confucius Institutes, the Edmonton CI isn’t run out of a college but is an independent building on it’s own. It looks very active with a lot of musical and cultural activities. There’s also a scholarship program. You can find exam details here.
University of Portland
Address615 SW Harrison Street,
Portland, OR 97201
Phone(503) 725-3000
AboutDefinitely an active Confucius Institute with clear instructions on signing up for the HSK. A lot of course and tutoring options, as well as some scholarship opportunities.

The Coquitlam Mystery

There was, and my still be, a Confucius Institute in Coquitlam. There certainly used to be one, based off a dead website and information from the British Columbian government. I was ready to write it off as dead and then I came across some newspaper articles referencing it as still active and involved in local controversy. Whether or not they’re still active and whether or not they host an HSK test center, is something I can’t answer. I’ll include their last known contact info below in case some brave soul lives in the area and is willing to check it out. If you do, please post a comment letting me know so I can update this page; I’m sure many people would appreciate it.

Confucius Institute at Coquitlam
Address1100 Winslow Ave,
Coquitlam, BC V3J 2G3
Phone(604) 716-5118
Websitewww.internationaled.com/confucius (dead)

Wait, what about BCIT?

There used to be a Confucius Institute at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. I can’t find a news story confirming it’s closure but their site doesn’t list a Confucius Institute, their entry on the Hanban website is dead, and the old links from the British Columbia government website are dead, so I’m pretty sure it’s gone. Similarly, there apparently used to be an independent Confucius Institute in Coquitlam but all of it’s links are dead as well.

Test Dates

In case you also want to know when you could take the tests, you can check the official HSK schedule or the official YCT schedule for specific test dates. It’s worth calling up the test center first though. While exams can be offered on those dates, not every HSK test center is willing or able to host all the exams. Sometimes it’s budget limitations, sometimes it’s a competing event on campus, but whatever the reason you definitely want to double-check with them first.

Preparing for the test

We’ve got a ton of great material on preparing for the HSK, including practice tests and reading exercises.

We’ve also got excellent materials for the YCT, including practice tests, writing tests, and listening tests.

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