HSK Test Results

So you’ve taken the HSK test and want to see your results but can’t find them? The short answer is to wait a month after you took the test, then log onto the official Hanban site. The longer explanation, with pictures, is below.

Log in

So, first thing, go to the official Hanban website: www.chinesetest.cn. You should see something like this:

Enter your username, password, and the code provided (in the example above, it would be 9927).

What if I forgot my Password?

Underneath the login form you should see a “Recover Password” option.

Once you click that, you’ll be asked to enter your email.

Once done, they’ll send you an email with your username and instructions on how to reset your password. Unfortunately, this is written in Chinese, so if your Chinese isn’t that good, just click the highlighted link:

Ok, I logged in, now what?

Now you’ll see a small window asking you to enter the Personal Information Center or Register Now. Choose Enter Personal Information Center.

Now you should see the screen similar to the sample page below with a whole bunch of options. Choose “Score Information”.

This will bring up a page where you can see your score for each test you’ve taken and your scores in each section of the test: listening, reading, and writing. There’s no clear marker of passing or failing but if you’re taking the HSK 1 or 2 then a score of 120 or more is passing, if you take the HSK 3 or higher then a score of 180 or higher is passing.

Can I get a printed copy?

Yes. First, you should be able to get an official certificate from the local Confucius Institute where you took the test. Second, you can print it online, although it’s a little buggy. Click the “Print” link under Test Taker Information on the left hand side and the click the print link. You will need Adobe Flash to do this successfully.

What if I failed?

You can sign up to take the test again, although you should probably study a bit more first. If you had trouble with a specific area, use our Listening or Sentence exercises to improve problem areas. When you think you’re ready to try again, take one of our practice tests first to make sure.

Good Luck!

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