HSK Test Dates

Here’s the official list of HSK Test dates for 2020, converted from the official Confucius Institute website.

Exam TypeRegistration DeadlineExam DateResults Posted
WrittenDecember 13th of 2020January 9thFebruary 9th
Online December 30th of 2020January 9thJanuary 25th
WrittenJanuary 10thFebruary 6thMarch 13th
OnlineJanuary 27thFebruary 6thMarch 1st
OnlineFebruary 25thMarch 7thMarch 22nd
WrittenFebruary 21stMarch 20thApril 20th
OnlineMarch 10thMarch 20thApril 5th
WrittenMarch 14thApril 10thMay 15th
OnlineMarch 31stApril 10thApril 26th
WrittenApril 18thMay 15thJune 15th
OnlineMay 5thMay 15thMay 31st
WrittenMay 23rdJune 19thJuly 19th
OnlineJune 9thJune 19thJuly 5th
WrittenJune 21stJuly 18thAugust 18th
OnlineJuly 8thJuly 18thAugust 2nd
WrittenJuly 26thAugust 22ndSeptember 22nd
OnlineAugust 12thAugust 22ndSeptember 6th
WrittenAugust 15thSeptember 11thOctober 18th
OnlineSeptember 1stSeptember 11thSeptember 27th
WrittenSeptember 20thOctober 17thNovember 17th
OnlineOctober 7thOctober 17thNovember 1st
OnlineOctober 27thNovember 6thNovember 22nd
WrittenOctober 24thNovember 20thDecember 20th
OnlineNovember 10thNovember 20thDecember 6th
WrittenNovember 8thDecember 5thJanuary 5th of 2022
OnlineNovember 25thDecember 5thDecember 20th

What’s an Online or Written test?

Online and written refer to two different ways to take the exact same test. The questions are the same, the time limit is the same, the scoring and certificate are the same, it’s just two different ways to take the same exam. Written test refers to a written test on paper, the same kind of test you’ve taken a hundred times before. Online tests are kind of a misnomer (no, you can’t actually take the test online). It refers to being able to take the exam on a computer, where you type out the answer. I generally recommend trying to take the online test: it’s easier and faster to sign up and get your results, plus I just prefer using the computer.

Will my local Confucius Institute follow this schedule?

Probably, but double check with your local instiution. This is the official list of test dates the Confucius Institute headquarters in China will recognize and score. Your local Confucius Institute can’t hold any exam that the headquarters doesn’t approve of but they can hold less. If your local Confucius Institute is going to be closed on a specific date or they don’t think there will be enough demand, they can choose not to hold an exam on that date.

How do I sign up?

To actually take the HSK test you need to do two things. First, you need to sign up on the Hanban website. Second, you’ll actually have to go and take the test.

To sign up you need to go to the Hanban website. You’ll need to make an account, choose a date and location, and officially sign up for the test. Be warned, there will also be a fee for taking test; this varies by test center but usually around $50 USD. If you want a more in-depth guide, Culture Yard wrote a great step-by-step guide about signing up for the HSK.

Once the test date arrives, drive to the Confucius Institute with appropriate ID, probably just a Driver’s License. Usually there’s no strict schedule, more like a four hour window when you can show up and take the test. At the Confucius Institute there will be someone, probably a student volunteer, who will take your information, set up your test area, and offer to store anything (like your phone) that you can’t bring into the test. There’s usually a few other people taking the test but no one says anything; it’s really quiet. Expect to spend about an hour taking the test.

The test results will be available online at the Hanban website on the date listed above, usually about a month after you take the test.

Good Luck!

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  1. Hello i want to give my hsk 1 and 2 exam. Can i get some help . I am learning chinese from my chinese university. When is the next schedule and furtger details

    1. Post

      The next one you can probably do is on July 18th. You’ll need to register by July 8th in most areas.

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