HSK Test Centers in New Zealand

There are 3 locations to take the HSK, YCT, and BCT in New Zealand: the University of Auckland, the University of Wellington, and the University of Canterbury.

University of Auckland
AddressThe University of Auckland, Pembridge House, 31 Princes Street, Auckland Central 1010
Phone+64 9 923 9955
AboutThe University of Auckland offers all six HSK exams, level I through VI, and USKK, beginner, intermediate, and advanced under the Confucius Institute. To prepare students better for the test, the institute also has a specialized HSK examination preparation course. Courses are available on demand, and the rates vary. For a one-to-one session, it’s $50, while for a group (at least 5 participants required), the group course offer can be availed. In each course, diagnostic analysis and explanation through regular mock examinations is an integral part.
Apart from that, interested learners can enroll in their Chinese Conversation Level 1A course which will take them through the basics of the language – enough for someone living there. The fee is $350; with the early bird or former student discount, it’s $315.
University of Canterbury
AddressUniversity of Canterbury, 20 Kirkwood Avenue, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand
Phone+64 3 369 3999
AboutThe Confucius Institute at UC also organizes YCT examinations in addition to HSK and HSKK. Students can sit for HSK level 1 to 6, HSKK beginner to advanced, and YCT level 1 to 4. The fees are stated below:
HSK Level 1 and 2: $35.00
HSK Level 3 and 4: $55.00
HSK Level 5 and 6: $75.00
HSK Speaking Test Beginner Level: $35.00
HSK Speaking Test Intermediate Level: $55.00
HSK Speaking Test Advanced Level: $75.00
YCT Level 1 to 3: $20.00
YCT Level 4: $30.00
Interested individuals can register and pay online at https://ntx.lv/30NdL9v. Additionally, Chinese language classes are also offered by the institute, but due to the pandemic, teachers have gone online.
University of Wellington
AddressKelburn, Wellington 6012, New Zealand
Phone04 463 9549
AboutThe institute offers speaking and writing proficiency tests – HSK (Level I to VI), HSKK (Beginner to Advanced). As of the time of writing this, the registration for HSK on all levels was open. All exam information, i.e., test venue, time, and all other details are provided two weeks prior to the test. The fee ranges from $35 to $75 for both HSK and HSKK.
On top of that, university students and business people can enroll in a bunch of courses or sessions, including workplace Chinese levels I and II for conducting business in China, Mandarin Corner Online where students virtually meet, practice and expand their Chinese vocabulary via Zoom. The Confucius Institute also offers assistance to local students who wish to apply for a scholarship to study in China. There are two main scholarships as well as several specialized programs.

We’ve got a ton of great material on preparing for the HSK, including practice tests and reading exercises.

We’ve also got excellent materials for the YCT, including practice tests, writing tests, and listening tests.

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