HSK 4 Listening Practice

Had a problem with HSK 4 Listening section? Or just want some practice listening to intermediate Chinese. Here’s 30 practice questions from the official HSK practice test.

For the first ten questions you’ll hear a short spoken paragraph and then will read a short statement about the spoken paragraph and must decide whether the written statement is TRUE or FALSE. For the next twenty questions, you’ll listen to a short conversation that will end with a question and you must pick the best provided answer: A, B, C, or D.

Question 1:



Question 2:



Question 3:



Question 4:



Question 5:



Question 6:



Question 7:



Question 8:



Question 9:



Question 10:



Question 11:

A: 迟到了

B: 不能上网了

C: 房子不租了

D: 打错电话了

Question 12:

A: 加班

B: 出差

C: 休息

D: 购物

Question 13:

A: 做汤

B: 做凉菜

C: 做饮料

D: 加点儿盐

Question 14:

A: 教师

B: 大夫

C: 律师

D: 售货员

Question 15:

A: 太远

B: 菜贵

C: 菜好吃

D: 菜很咸

Question 16:

A: 10 分钟

B: 半个小时

C: 一个小时

D: 一个半小时

Question 17:

A: 帅的

B: 耐心的

C: 诚实的

D: 幽默的

Question 18:

A: 要办签证

B: 是位翻译

C: 要办护照

D: 在使馆工作

Question 19:

A: 艺术

B: 经济

C: 法律

D: 语言

Question 20:

A: 兴奋

B: 吃惊

C: 轻松

D: 着急

Question 21:

A: 开会

B: 报名

C: 上课

D: 看电影

Question 22:

A: 饿了

B: 感冒了

C: 流鼻血了

D: 压力太大

Question 23:

A: 来得及

B: 来不及了

C: 速度太慢了

D: 航班推迟了

Question 24:

A: 司机

B: 经理

C: 小李

D: 护士

Question 25:

A: 不成功

B: 让人失望

C: 比较一般

D: 很吸引人

Question 26:

A: 同事

B: 邻居

C: 夫妻

D: 亲戚

Question 27:

A: 历史

B: 长度

C: 风景

D: 经过的省市

Question 28:

A: 太累

B: 得意

C: 感动

D: 怀疑

Question 29:

A: 在读博士

B: 在读硕士

C: 在找工作

D: 想出国留学

Question 30:

A: 8:00

B: 8:30

C: 9:00

D: 9:30


Question 1: TRUE

Question 2: TRUE

Question 3: FALSE

Question 4: FALSE

Question 5: TRUE

Question 6: FALSE

Question 7: FALSE

Question 8: FALSE

Question 9: TRUE

Question 10: TRUE

Question 11: C

Question 12: C

Question 13: B

Question 14: A

Question 15: C

Question 16: B

Question 17: D

Question 18: A

Question 19: C

Question 20: D

Question 21: A

Question 22: C

Question 23: A

Question 24: C

Question 25: D

Question 26: A

Question 27: D

Question 28: A

Question 29: A

Question 30: D

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