HSK 3 Practice Test

This is a HSK 3 practice test derived from the official mock tests provided by Hanban. I’ve taken seven questions from the Listening section, seven from the Reading section, and two from the Writing section. The full practice tests, at 80 questions each, are available down at the bottom as a pdf and a separate audio file for the Listening section.

Listening Section


HSK 3 Listening

For each question, listen to the audio clips, then choose the best answer.

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Reading Section


HSK 3 Reading

For each question, read the sentence then choose the best answer. For those question where you see a (), this indicates a missing character. For these characters

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除了数学,弟弟的( )成绩都不错

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菜有点儿( ),但很好吃

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自行车?没问题,你别客气。就在楼下,就是那辆蓝色的。我这几天不骑, 你不用急着还

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Writing Section

For this section, you’ll be given a set of characters a told to write a proper sentence using all the characters. If you don’t have a program that lets you type Chinese characters, I suggest using PinyinInput.

Question 1:

“最”. “吃”, “我”, “西瓜”. “爱”

Question 2:

“哪”, “复习”. “一”, “课”, “在”. “他们”

Writing Answers

Congratulations! Here’s the answers:

Question 1: 我最爱吃西瓜

Question 2: 他们在复习哪一课

Passing Score

The HSK requires you to get 60% of the questions right, so if you got 10 or more questions right then you passed.

More Mock Tests

You’ll need to download the pdf test and the audio files separately. The audio file is just one long record, so you’ll need to start and stop it after each question.

HSK 3 Mock Test 1 PDF

HSK 3 Mock Test 1 Audio

HSK 3 Mock Test 2 PDF

HSK 3 Mock Test 2 Audio

More Info

If you’re looking for some help with learning Chinese, I know a few tutors in Xi’an. Send me an email at Will@rulinmandarin.com and I’ll connect you.

Or you can read more about the HSK 3, including how to sign up for it, the vocabulary, and the best learning tools. Alternatively, learn when and where to take the HSK. Or you can learn more about us.

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