HSK 2 Practice Test

This is a practice test derived from the official mock tests provided by Hanban. I’ve taken five random Listening questions and five random Reading questions from the mock test and copied them here so you can quickly and easily judge whether you can pass the HSK 2. If you’d like more practice exams, scroll down to the bottom of the page where I will post links to the pdf/audio files for two full HSK 2 mock exams you can download.



HSK 2 Listening

For each question, listen to the audio clips, then choose the best answer.

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HSK 2 Reading

For each question, read the sentence then choose the best answer. For those question where you see a (), this indicates a missing character. For these characters

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你唱得 真,再唱一 个 吧.

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妹妹现在上班了,每 天都很忙,所以 玩儿 的时间很少.


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他 昨天睡 得 很晚.

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这 药 一 天 吃 三 次.

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Passing Score

The HSK usually requires you to get 60% of the questions right, so if you got 6 questions right or more then you passed.

More Mock Tests

You’ll need to download the pdf test and the audio files separately. The audio file is just one long record, so you’ll need to start and stop it after each question.

HSK 2 Mock Test 1 PDF

HSK 2 Mock Test 1 Audio

HSK 2 Mock Test 2 PDF

HSK 2 Mock Test 2 Audio

More info

Learn when and where to take the HSK exam.

Or you can read more about the HSK 2, including how to sign up for it, the vocabulary, and the best learning tools.

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