HSK 2 Listening Practice

Preparing for the HSK 2? Need some help listening to Chinese? Here’s 20 questions from the official HSK mock test for you to practice with.

Each question is either a True or False question or you need to pick the best of 3 options: A, B, or C.

Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:


Question 4:


Question 5:


Question 6:

A: 下雨

B: 太忙了

C: 要考试了

Question 7:

A: 今天

B: 明天

C: 后天

Question 8:

A: 很高

B: 做妈妈了

C: 没男朋友

Question 9:

A: 没开机

B: 找不到了

C: 快没电

Question 10:

A: 教室


C: 医院

Question 11:

A: 家里

B: 商店

C: 饭馆儿

Question 12:

A: 多运动

B: 少吃肉

C: 多吃水果

Question 13:

A: 在右边

B: 有两张

C: 还没看见

Question 14:

A: 5 分钟

B: 10 分钟

C: 15 分钟

Question 15:

A: 菜

B: 身体

C: 茶馆儿

Question 16:

A: 机场

B: 路上

C: 飞机上

Question 17:

A: 5 点

B: 6 点

C: 7 点

Question 18:

A: 8月1号

B: 10月1号

C: 10月2号

Question 19:

A: 手表


C: 自行车

Question 20:

A: 妻子

B: 同学

C: 学生


Question 1: T

Question 2: F

Question 3: T

Question 4: F

Question 5: T

Question 6: A

Question 7: B

Question 8: B

Question 9: C

Question 10: C

Question 11: A

Question 12: A

Question 13: C

Question 14: B

Question 15: C

Question 16: B

Question 17: A

Question 18: B

Question 19: A

Question 20: C

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