BCT (A) Practice Test

The BCT (A) Test, also known as the BCT 1 Test, contains 6 Listening question, 7 Reading questions, and 3 Writing questions representing sample questions from past official BCT (A) tests administrated by Hanban. A longer, full mock exam is available at the bottom of the page as a pdf and attached mp3 file.

Listening Section

For the first three questions, look at the picture then mark true or false depending if the pictured object matches what you heard. For the last three questions, listen to the audio then choose the picture that best matches what you heard.

Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:


Question 4:

Question 5:

Question 6:

Listening Answers

Congratulations! Here are the answers:

Question 1: TRUE

Question 2: FALSE

Question 3: FALSE

Question 4: C

Question 5: B

Question 6: A

Reading Section

For each question, use the information in the picture to answer the question or statement written below.

Question 7:


A: 很安全

B: 禁止参观

C: 不能吸烟

Question 8:


A: 工作计划

B: 客户调查

C: 产品介绍

Question 9:


A: 秘书

B: 销售员

C: 营业员

Question 10:


A: 电话

B: 计算机

C: 传真机

Question 11:


A: 打电话

B: 发邮件

C: 发短信

Question 12:


A: 兰州

B: 北京

C: 广州

Question 13:


A: 退机票

B: 商量价格

C: 修改合同

Reading Answers

Congratulations! Here are the answers:

Question 7: C

Question 8: B

Question 9: A

Question 10: B

Question 11: A

Question 12: C

Question 13: B

Writing Section

For each writing question, read the sentence and insert the missing word ( ) to complete the sentence. You must be able to write the proper Chinese character.

Question 14:

你 ( ) 这件 黑 大衣 很 漂亮.

Question 15:

这篇文章 ( ) 长, 有五十多页.

Question 16:

我的电脑出 了 点儿问题,突然不能 ( ) 了.

Writing Answers

Congratulations! Here are the answers:

Question 14: 穿

Question 15: 比较

Question 16: 上网

Passing Score

Did you pass? Hanban requires 60% or more of the questions right, so if you got 10 questions or more right, then you passed.

Full Practice Test


BCT (A) Audio

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