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Professional help to pass the HSK, YCT, TOCFL, and other Chinese proficiency tests.

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Our expert tutors are here to help you pass the HSK, YCT, TOCFL, and other Chinese fluency tests.


Explore Chinese, master the basics, and get the help to pass introductory tests like the HSK 2, YCT 3, TOCFL Beginner, and Business Chinese Test A. What are you waiting for?



A serious commitment for a valuable skill. Twice a week tutoring with additional assistance to help you develop functional fluency and pass test like the HSK 3-4, YCT 4, and the TOCFL Intermediate.



For busy professionals and students seeking perfect fluency. Three weekly tutoring sessions to help you pass the HSK 6, TOCFL Advanced, and Business Chinese Test B.

“You’ve got to have a tutor. I’ve met too many foreigners in Beijing who have studied for three, four, even five years with nothing to show for it. Chinese is tough and you’ve got to throw everything you have at it.”
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There are many advantages to taking a Chinese fluency test. You could be a student, looking to win a scholarship or an opportunity to study in China. You could be an experienced professional, eager to prove your skills to prospective employers. You could be a parent, eager to help your child overcome difficult and prestigious challenges. Or you could just love the language of China and want to make sure you’re making real progress, not just spinning your wheels.

At Rulin Mandarin, we know that passing these tests can have a big impact on your career, your life, and your family. That’s why we’re focused on providing the best possible assistance we can by customizing our coursework so you can confidently pass any test you’re focused on. We offer more than just test prep by carefully blending in our test preparation with broader holistic lessons and practice so you won’t delay full Chinese fluency to pass the test.




Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. The official fluency test for China, designed for everyone from students to professionals. Seen everywhere, used by everyone.


Youth Chinese Test. An HSK variant designed for children aged 3-15 with an increased focus on speaking.


Test of Chinese as Foreign Language. The official test for Taiwan, perfect for those looking to visit or wanting to study the Traditional Chinese language and characters.


Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi. A specialized version of the HSK focused on speaking and pronunciation.


Business Chinese Test. A specialized test focusing on business terms and phrases, available for both beginners and advanced students.


Medical Chinese Test. Coming soon.

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